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Maximize the impact of

organizational knowledge

KnowledgeFlow is the #1 tool to capture, distribute & adopt organizational knowledge

Improve access to knowledge & retention

Reduce training costs

by 20%

Decrease employee onboarding time

Focus your knowledge management efforts

High Level

KnowledgeFlow is an online tool that boosts employee effectiveness and reduces the cost of onboarding, knowledge management & training by up to 20%.


Get knowledge into the hands of staff, and help them to perform at their best, using easy-to-read templates and smart, test-driven learning on-the-go. 

Save time & money by prioritizing and distributing your knowledge management efforts, using real-time analytics & smart micro-interactions.

Knowledge is a vital asset in any modern organisation. Without it your staff cannot execute the key processes that drive your business, whether it is building products or selling them.

But collecting and sharing knowledge is a complex challenge that takes time and money. Traditional tools often fail to bring knowledge to staff

when they need it most.

We make it easy for you and your staff to capture, share and train key knowledge in a way that is truly useful for those who need it,

when & where they need it. 


Capture the invaluable expertise that resides in your organisation


Structure knowledge in formats aligned with your key processes


Give employees access to the answers they need whenever & wherever 


Drive and track staff growth using continuous learning & automated testing

Our customers


Putting knowledge into action is about way more than just tools. It is about your people, your business and your strategy.

That is why we work with skilled and experienced partners that can assist you before, during and after implementation.


From strategy to authoring content: we've got you covered.



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